Jo Dunnick Watercolors


"The Peaceful One" (inspired by a photograph taken by Bill Kelly when he was visiting a Maasai village in Tanzania) received the Springfield Lane County Art Award in the 2019 Springfield Mayor's Art Show. As a result of that award, it and Jo's art, along with 2 other artists, will be featured at the Springfield Library for the month of December and January.

"Sadness In His Eyes" was selected to be in the 2019 spring WSO (Watercolor Society of Oregon) Show in Portland, Oregon. I was pleased that it was accepted because I feel like it shows some of the sadness that I feel has a big part of the Native American experience. My heart aches for all they have endured.

"Eyes That Remember" was selected to be in the 2016 Emerald Art Center National Show, May 1st - June 1st. The painting was completed when the DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) was happening and it felt like an important time to support the people trying desperately to defend and preserve their homelands.

Framin' ArtWorks, 505 High Street, Eugene, Or. is one of the primary contacts to find out about Jo's art. Contact Jo or go to www.framin' for more information.

"Daniel" was juried in to the Emerald Art Center National Spring Show, May 1- 29, 2015. The painting was also featured in a Register Guard Art Section Article When asked why she chose "Daniel" for the article, reporter Randi Bjornstad responded:"Jo, It was my favorite piece in the whole show. The best-in-show winner was my second favorite. You did a wonderful, wonderful piece of art--it's a tribute to a man who had one of the most lovely expressions I have ever seen. Thank you for doing it, Randi" It is a painting of a photograph of Jo's Grandfather, Daniel Seitz. He took the photo of himself in the early 1940's... a selfie before there were selfies! He was always ahead of his time. In her workshop, Jo always tells participants to "paint what you love because you spend a lot of time with your painting". She followed her advise... painting someone she adores.


July 4-6, 2019: Art and The Vineyard, Eugene, Oregon.

Dec. 5,2019 - Jan.,2020:Jo was chosen, along with two other artists, to have her art in the Springfield Library. It will be on display for both December and January 2nd Friday Art Walk.


Jo will be offering her 4-day workshop through the Emerald Art Center in Springfield, Oregon during the 4th week of October, 2020. Contact Jo or go to for more information.

If anyone is interested in individual lessons ($25/hour) or having Jo teach a 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day workshop, Contact Jo.

Comments regarding Jo's workshop:

Steven Hillyer, 2012 workshop: Not long ago I attended a wonderful workshop taught by Jo Dunnick. I had only returned to oil painting a year before and was somewhat apprehensive of taking on a new discipline. However learning was my goal and that is exactly what I received. Within an hour of the first day, I felt most at ease having been given an agenda and a lesson plan. Jo made it obvious that her objective was to meet each student’s requests. I was not surprised to learn that her previous profession was a teacher. Her techniques were very unique and easily reproducible. I felt that I had gained specific skills which I could immediately begin to use once I returned home. Since then I have done several works which have been admired by many. If you are looking for a great watercolor class and an exceptional experience, I highly recommend signing up with Jo. Steven Hillyer

Joanna Branvold, 2015 workshop: I have you to thank for stimulating my (very latent!) artistic ability...if you can call it that. I did love your class so much. I loved your encouragement for those of us who needed lots of it! I loved trying new "recipes" and techniques and seeing magic happen. Most of all, I loved the feeling I left with...that I can hardly wait to try new forms of art, not being fearful of failure or ridicule. I'm trying very hard not to be my own worst critic. So, dear Jo, thank you for your inspiring and nurturing nature which made your class so memorable and life-changing for me, and I suspect for many others as well. Love, Joanna Branvold

Comments from Jo:

“I’ve been told that my paintings have a lot of emotion and soul, moving some people to tears . . . or laughter. I appreciate that someone can be touched by the colors I have used and the subjects that have chosen to appear. Sometimes it feels that way… that there are animals or people who have been waiting to show themselves and choose to do so on my paper. However it happens is fine with me. I love the process and celebrate the outcome. I hope that my watercolors catch your eye and capture your heart.”

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